What is MATT?

“Who are we, if not measured by our impact on others? That’s who we are! We are not who we say we are, we’re not who we want to be – we are the sum of the influence and impact we have, in our lives, on others.”
-Carl Sagan

Established in 1995

The Midwest Association of Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (MATT) was established as a grassroots effort to address a growing need for a regional organization in the Midwest to bring together toxicologist in an open, affordable, and informal environment.

The first president of MATT, Dr. Steven Wong, and the other founding members envisioned MATT as a less formal organization that could provide a familiar “Midwestern” sense of hospitality and cultivate collaboration between established professional and students alike.

Since its founding nearly 30 years ago, MATT has provided a platform for the exchange of ideas and research, updates in forensic and clinical toxicology and TDM, networking, and collaborating.

As an association focused on advancing the scientific, clinical, professional, and education aspects of Toxicology and Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM), MATT provides a network for interested individuals in the Midwest and across the country. MATT membership includes professionals such as clinical and forensic toxicologists, medical technologists, pharmacologists, pathologists, physicians, and clinical chemists. The educational components consist of meetings rotating throughout major Midwest cities. It is the intent the meeting locations will be readily accessible, by car, to most of the members. In addition, the membership receives a newsletter on a regular basis. MATT strives to advance the science, research, clinical services, and education in various areas of Toxicology and TDM.

Goals of MATT

Advance Science

To advance the science, research, clinical services, and education in Clinical and Forensic Toxicology and TDM.


To develop a membership from interested fellow scientists, physicians, health professionals, administrators, and colleagues.


To promote professional activities by holding informal, annual meetings.


To interact, collaborate, and enhance professional, research, and educational activities with other professional organizations.


To offer a newsletter for the membership of MATT.


To invest in the future of MATT through outreach, student engagement, and mentorship.

Become part of MATT and see what we have to offer!

Join Us Through…

MATT brings together a community of scientists working together.

Annual Meetings

The annual meeting of MATT is an excellent way to gain CE credits, meet new and old friends, present research, collaborate, and have a fun time with our community of attendees.


Collaborating, networking, and mentoring are key components of what MATT stands for.


MATT provides various types of resources for its members including a newsletter, access to scientific presenations, and trainings.


Job opportunities are shared with MATT members on the website and social media. Whether starting your career or growing, you can find your path here.

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