Please join us at our upcoming annual meeting:

The 2020 Annual Meeting will be a joint conference with the Southwestern Association of Toxicologists (SAT) in Kansas on April 23 & 24. 

  • Attendees: Information will be made available.
  • Sponsors: TBD
  • Hotel: TBD
  • Find out how to attend the meeting for free by applying for the Sunshine-Wong Travel Award.
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Annual Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament Winners

Indianapolis 2018: Brian Simons
Rosemont 2017: Pankja Sinha
St. Louis 2016: Beth Bauer
Lexington 2015: Irene Shu
Detroit 2014: Randy Schneider
Indianapolis 2013: Veronique Semjonowr
Oakbrook 2012: Alexandra Nussbaum
Toledo 2011: Paul Jannetto
Milwaukee 2010: Shawn Magsig