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Description: The presentation will discuss principles of green analytical toxicology which can be easily incorporated into laboratory methods. Examples of ways to determine the “greenness” of the methods as well as comparison to existing procedures will be shown, including a current assessment of an alternate extraction solvent as part of an ongoing grant project.

Presenter: Christine Moore is the former Chief Toxicologist in the Rapid Diagnostics Division of Abbott. There, she directed the laboratory used for testing blood and oral fluid specimens collected from drivers in multiple North American roadside surveys (2005 – 2020). She is now President of 9-Delta Analytical, a laboratory for academic research groups, industry and other agencies requiring the analysis of drugs in biological specimens.

Dr. Moore has a PhD and a DSc in Forensic Toxicology from the University of Glasgow, Scotland. Christine is Past-President of MATT, the Society of Forensic Toxicologists, the Society of Hair Testing and former Chair of the SOFT Oral Fluid Committee. She has published over 120 peer-reviewed papers.

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